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Mobile accessories that make your daily life more enjoyable. Mobiparts fits your life.

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Your smartphone deserves optimal protection. For a stylish and elegant look, you choose Mobiparts. Basic protection starts with the Mobiparts Premium collection. Give your device an upgrade with the Classic collection. There is more!



Multi-layer protection


Driven by perfection, Mobiparts offers a wide range of mobile accessories. Mobiparts chargers, cables and powerbanks will help you stay connected to the world. Drive save and bring yourself to your destination with Mobiparts car holders. No scratches on your screen with optimal screen protection. Don’t hesitate, threat yourself to the best!

Newest Mobiparts accesories

Chargers and magnetic cable


We will make your daily life more enjoyable. Nowadays, you probably carry around your smartphone everywhere. It is part of your life, with your contacts, appointments and photos stored in it. To give your smartphone or tablet the protection it deserves, Mobiparts offers a wide range of protective cases, chargers, screen protectors and cables for almost all smartphones, and tablets to phablets. You will always find the accessories you need.

Mobiparts is a Dutch brand designed for ultimate sophistication. Our accessories are designed in the Netherlands and produced by our partners in China. Mobiparts is part of society and feels responsible to tackle challenges concerning sustainability. Therefore we aim to act in a way that is sustainable for our organisation and society.